What do you do to cope when you are feeling lonely?  


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June 4, 2018 3:19 pm  

One of the most important benefits of the WoVeN community is the ability to find support and learn from others.
In an effort to build the support network within the WoVen community, we will be posting questions for the group in hopes that you will share your experiences and provide support to other women Veterans.

This week, WoVeN asks:  How can we help other women in times of loneliness?

It is known that one of the biggest risk factors for negative mental health outcomes is loneliness and isolation, and women Veterans may be particularly prone to these situations due to their unique needs.

This week we invite you all to share your experiences and offer your thoughts on the following question:

"What do you do to cope when you are feeling lonely?"

We will gather your anonymous responses and share them with the WoVeN community in a future newsletter. Please help us to build our community of supportive women Veterans by sharing your thoughts!


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