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Enrolling in a WoVeN Group

If there is a WoVeN group in your city, you can enroll here!

Enrolling in a WoVeN Group

Becoming a Peer Leader

There are a few paths to becoming a WoVeN peer leader depending on if you are a trained peer leader, an apprentice working with a trained peer leader, or a woman Veteran who wants to begin a group in a new WoVeN city.  Read through the following options to decide which is best for you! 

Peer Leader Apprentice Model

Becoming a Peer Leader Apprentice

If you’ve already completed a WoVeN group as a group member, the Apprentice Model may be a good option for you. The Apprentice Model is a way for former WoVeN group members to lead a WoVeN group with one of their peer leaders who would serve as your mentor.

Peer Leader Apprentice Application

Becoming a Peer Leader Mentor

Peer leaders who have attended a national WoVeN training and would like to continue growing their city’s WoVeN community by training one of their former group members as a peer leader can take part in the WoVeN Apprentice Model.

Peer Leader Mentor Application

National Training Model

  Participating in the National Training Model

The National Training Model is an exciting opportunity for women Veterans to establish a WoVeN group in their own cities. National Trainings occur a few times throughout the year and are announced on our website, in our newsletter, and on our social media outlets. Please email if you’d like to be notified of future trainings.

Peer Leader National Training Application


Returning Peer Leaders

If you are a returning peer leader and are starting a new group, please fill out this form to let us know!

Enrolling in a WoVeN Group