Meet Woven Members

All of the WoVeN Peer Leaders are extraordinary women who have shown a commitment to helping their fellow women Veterans. They are the heart and soul of WoVeN and are invaluable to the program.

Meet LaVern Glosson

“WoVeN is a reminder that we are not alone. In any small town, city, state or across the nation, we are woven emotionally, and are intimately strong together.”

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Meet Lauren Friedman

“WoVeN is an experience, and it may be hard to understand the benefits of being part of a WoVeN group until you’re able to reunite with women Veterans and support each other in a way that you’ve never been supported before. Until you experience it, you don’t realize how much you were missing that.”

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Meet Sandra Bermudez

“With WoVeN, you can take that shield down and have a place in a group of individuals who have been there, done that, gone through what you have gone through. You can share and feel free to express your concerns and worries and make it better for yourself.”

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Meet Becca Tauber

“WoVeN gives you that positive support system/connection to help moving forward in our life’s story while still owning our military experience. It’s great to know there is a place where we can belong and be empowered.”

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Meet Cat Corchado

“As women Veterans, we need to be able to connect and reflect about our past, present, and future. My hope is to stay connected and deepen friendships with my WoVeN family and be open to new friendships with future WoVeN participants.”

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Meet Sandy Gessler

“WoVeN is a lifeline back to familiar ground, a comfort zone, a future that you can grow with, be part of, and be with those who understand your issues.”

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Meet YoLonda Pickens

Meet YoLonda Pickens WoVeN Peer Leader & Trainer San Angelo, TX U.S. Navy 1982-2006 YoLonda spoke to us about her military experience, her challenges in transitioning

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Meet Shurhonda Love

“I have come to know that women need each other, we need a place to talk among ourselves to others that understand the life that we have lived. Working in this space, alongside veterans and VA, I know there is a need for a program like WoVeN, and I knew a lot of women would be looking for something like this.”

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Meet Trish Ross

“In WoVeN, you will develop friends for life. That sisterhood you probably have missed since the military, you will find outside the military. There are so many women Veterans out there that you would never know.”

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Meet Caitlin Battell

“With WoVeN, everyone can be comfortable and be who they are. It’s very different than the military but that’s the thing that ties us together, that we’ve been through this experience that’s very different from the rest of the population.”

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Meet Leandra Hernandez

“When I heard about WoVeN, I realized there were a lot of women who felt like I had … struggling to connect. My goal now is to find other women who have felt the same way and bring them home.”

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