Meet WoVeN Members

All of the WoVeN peer leaders are extraordinary women who have shown a commitment to helping their fellow women Veterans. They are the heart and soul of WoVeN and are invaluable to the program.

Meet our pioneer peer leader teams!

I look forward to being involved as much as possible in expanding WoVeN and paving the way for other women Veterans. . . WoVeN is the answer to my prayers. I am here for a reason. New beginnings, breath of fresh air.


Women Vets are powerful…This is a group that is inviting, empowering, and nonjudgmental.


San Antonio, TX

Melissa McKennon (left) and Valerie Sullivan (right) bring their enthusiasm and energy to the WoVeN program. Valerie served over 20 years in the Air Force prior to her retirement. Melissa started her Army service at the age of 17 and served for eight years. Since transitioning out of the military, Valerie and Melissa have been involved in organizations providing services to Veterans. Valerie enjoys spending quality time with her husband Kevin and their four fur babies. She and Kevin are avid movie goers and they enjoy an on-going rivalry for the title of “Ms. Pac Man Champ” – which she currently holds!  Melissa’s husband and two young children keep her very busy!  In addition, Melissa is an active member in her church, including her involvement a program that cooks and delivers meals to homebound Veterans.

The sisterhood can still exist outside of the military…I hope that we can continue to grow together and learn from each other as time goes on.


Working with other female Veterans is a passion of mine and has been for many years… WoVeN is the empowerment of women, all of us from different services coming together as one with different needs and strengths.


Pittsburgh, PA

Brooke Power (left) and Laurie Fegal-Witzberger (right) bring their dedication and excitement to the WoVeN program. Brooke and Laurie are both Army Veterans. Currently, Brooke works as a Senior IT Analyst who loves managing projects and Laurie assists fellow Veterans through her work at the Pittsburgh VA Healthcare System. They are excited to start building connections among Pittsburgh area women Veterans through WoVeN. Brooke looks to find balance through yoga and meditation.  She also loves spending time with her family, especially her teenage son. Some of Laurie’s favorite activities are watching old movies and cooking.  She’s also a genealogy buff who likes to spending time researching her family tree.

It has been an honor to be a part of the first WoVeN group. I felt a human connection with all of the women. We all share a common thread.


WoVeN has given me a sense of friendship and belonging with other female Veterans – a sisterhood.


Charlotte, NC

Ernestine “Tina” Brice (left) and Cat Corchado (right) bring their experience and commitment to the WoVeN program. Cat served over 20 years in the Air Force prior to her retirement in 2000, and has taken on leadership roles among women Veterans in the Charlotte area. Tina spent 6 years in the Marines, and since then has worked as a case manager. Cat’s idea of a perfect evening is to relax, with a good book and a glass of wine.  It gets even better if her dog is on her lap. Tina, mother to an adult son and daughter, loves gardening and watching cooking competition shows.  She also enjoys social gathering with friends, neighbors and family.