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WoVeN Mission

To provide a unique social network of women Veterans to foster connections and build relationships in local communities and across the nation.

Our Story

Before the development of WoVeN, our staff worked with women Veterans for years across a variety of settings. During this time, they saw the power of connection that happens when women Veterans came together and shared their stories. But they also noticed that women Veterans sometimes struggled to find each other. The idea for WoVeN was born – a community of women Veterans, where women can benefit from sisterhood and support one another!

Established in 2017, WoVeN is a vibrant community for women Veterans of all eras and service branches. In addition to providing community, WoVeN strives to empower women Veterans with information, education, and resources to improve their quality of life.

Connection and community are at the core of the WoVeN program. You can get involved in WoVeN by joining a WoVeN group, becoming a WoVeN Peer Leader, or interacting with other women Veterans through our National Social Network.

Meet WoVeN Members

WoVeN members consist of women Veterans of all eras and service branches. Through engagement in the WoVeN community, members can share their common experiences and celebrate their differences. Meet some of our wonderful WoVeN women!

Meet WoVeN Staff

The WoVeN staff is passionate about improving the lives of women Veterans. They make sure that the WoVeN groups run smoothly and help keep the WoVeN community connected.

Meet Our Sponsors and Partners

Without our primary sponsor, the Walmart Foundation, WoVeN would not be possible. As the WoVeN community has continued to grow, so have our sponsors and partners. Learn more about the programs that support WoVeN.


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Announcing WoVeN’s May Peer Leader Training!

The WoVeN Team is excited to share that our next Peer Leader Training event will take place on May 21st …


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