There are many resources available to Veterans, but few have been developed to meet the unique needs of women Veterans.

WoVeN is different.

WoVeN is a nationwide network of peer support groups specifically for women.  WoVeN connects women Veterans of all eras and service branches and empowers them with information, education, and resources to improve their quality of life.

Each WoVeN group has 6-10 members and is led by two woman Veterans who have been trained as peer leaders. Groups meet weekly for 2 months. To help group members share and reflect on many different aspects of their life, each group meeting focuses on a new theme. These themes were hand selected with help from women Veterans. By building strong connections among women Veterans, WoVeN groups are designed to enhance wellness, relationships, and career satisfaction.

WoVeN group members also contribute to important research to help women Veterans! We want to know how participation in WoVeN impacts the lives of the WoVeN women who participate, so WoVeN women may choose to participate in a research study where they share information about their own experiences.  Participating in the research component of WoVeN can help the WoVeN program—and other programs—best meet the needs of women Veterans.

Meet WoVeN Members

All of the WoVeN peer leaders are extraordinary. They are the heart and soul of WoVeN and are invaluable to the program.

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Meet WoVeN Staff

The WoVeN staff is passionate about improving the lives of women Veterans.   They make sure that the WoVeN groups run smoothly and help keep the WoVeN community connected.

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Our Sponsors

Without our primary sponsor, the Walmart Foundation, WoVeN would not be possible.  Learn more about the programs that support WoVeN.

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Our Story

Before the development of WoVeN, our staff worked with women Veterans for years across a variety of settings.  During this time, they saw the power of connection that happens when women Veterans came together and shared their stories.  But they also noticed that women Veterans sometimes struggled to find each other.  The idea for WoVeN was born – a community of women Veterans, where women can benefit from sisterhood and support one another!

March 2017

WoVeN kicked off with generous funding from the Walmart Foundation.

May 2017

Our project began with a series of discussion sessions in three cities:

  • Charlotte, NC
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • San Antonio, TX

In total, 23 women Veterans joined these sessions to talk about the issues most important to them and share ideas on how to build a strong program.  Their invaluable feedback helped shape a plan for the 8-week WoVeN group program!

August 2017

August 2017

The first six WoVeN peer leaders came together for a successful 2-day training retreat in St. Louis, Missouri.

September 2017

WoVeN launched groups in our first three U. S. cities – Charlotte, Pittsburgh, and San Antonio!

March 2018

WoVeN will train the second group of WoVeN peer leaders from across the United States.  Learn more about becoming a WoVeN peer leader.

March – May 2018

WoVeN will launch new groups in ten U.S. cities.  Want WoVeN in your city?  Let us know!  Help us grow WoVeN!