WoVeN Still Serving is WoVeN’s community service initiative. It’s simple! WoVeN women organize service projects and invite other women Veterans from their community to participate. It’s a great way to connect with other women Veterans and give back to your community. Pick any type of service project that is meaningful to you. No service project is too small.

My kids asked me once why we go and do things for others. I told them, some families sit, some families stand. In this family, we stand. We do what we can in service of our church, our community and our neighbors. And if it gives us joy, helps us connect and betters the world around us, that’s just the lagniappe.

Sarah B.

WoVeN National Trainer

Follow the link below to register your service project. If you register your project at least three weeks in advance we will send you WoVeN Still Serving t-shirts for all participants to wear during the service project!

We encourage you to take plenty of photos and videos of your event so we can share them with the WoVeN community. Service Project Leaders are responsible for collecting Content Release forms from anyone in these photos.