Group Themes

Maybe you’ve already joined a local WoVeN group and started having these conversations with other women Veterans.  Or maybe you haven’t yet joined a  WoVeN group but know that these topics are important to you.

This is a place to get more information about the WoVeN group topic areas.  Click on a Theme below to find helpful new tools, interesting tidbits of information, and thoughtful discussion questions that will allow you continue the conversation with WoVeN women around the country through WoVeN’s community discussion forums.

Learn how to successfully navigate life’s twists and turns.

Find new ways to keep the many aspects of your life in balance.

Discover strategies to reduce stress and its impact on your life.

Take steps to improve existing relationships and build new ones.

Get informed about health-related topics and how to make healthy changes.

Explore how your views of yourself and others impact different areas of life.

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