The WoVeN Team is thrilled to share that 16 new Peer Leaders participated in our virtual training on August 27th and 28th! Join us in welcoming to the family Quiani, Denise, Shirley, Patricia, Lorin, Peggy, Cindy, Shannon, Angela, Paula, Kristie, Pamela, Elizabeth, Althea, Corena, and Sharon!

Thanks to our 9 amazing WoVeN Trainers, the training was a huge success, filled with fun, bonding, and sisterhood. Congratulations to WoVeN Trainers Jen Zappone, Sarah Blanchard, Vera Keaton, Greta Gary, Karen Drebot, and Kerrie-Ann Stidum for leading their first training!

A special shout-out goes to Shirley Bryant who won the WoVeN Trivia contest, with a perfect score! We are thrilled to have this newest batch of amazing Peer Leaders join our team, and can’t wait until they kick off their own WoVeN groups in the coming week. Welcome to the team!

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