Building ReIntegration from Dreams and Goals to Execution and Success

BRIDGES welcomes women transitioning out of military service to join upcoming service member retreats! Express your interest today by filling out the form linked to the “Join a BRIDGES Service Member Retreat” button below! Check-out our recruitment flyer to learn more about this opportunity. You can request printed copies of the recruitment flyer by contacting


To provide peer support and guidance for women transitioning from military service to civilian life by women Veterans who have previously walked a similar path of service and transition.


The BRIDGES program was developed directly from feedback from women Veterans enrolled in WoVeN. WoVeN Veterans have observed firsthand the benefits of belonging to a national network of women who have shared their unique life journey of military service. Many WoVeN Veterans reflect on the challenges of leaving military service and reintegrating into civilian life. Women Veterans often muse, “If only I knew then, what I know now!”

BRIDGES is a GREAT idea, because it really does work to bridge that gap between Service and Veteran life –that uncomfortable middle-ground that has felt like sinking sand, to so many of us.


January 2021 Cohort

How it Works:

BRIDGES starts with a retreat run by WoVeN leaders. The retreat provides an opportunity for service members to reflect on personal strengths and skills developed during service and consider dreams and goals for life after service. Perhaps most importantly, service members identify challenges, concerns, and potential barriers for achieving those goals.

Following the retreat, service members are matched with Veteran Guides to create pairs of Battle Buddies. The BRIDGES Guides are uniquely poised to offer one-on-one support to service members through the challenging period of reintegration into civilian life. Battle Buddies will continue their relationship through the six months (or more!) of reintegration into civilian life.

And, of course, new Veterans are always warmly welcomed into the larger WoVeN national community!

If you’re a service member nearing transition, email us to us to learn more about upcoming opportunities!

Meet the January 2021 Cohort of BRIDGES Service Members!

A good Guide to Battle Buddy relationship is about the Guide being present for the Battle Buddy. It’s about her knowing she has someone in her corner and can ask the questions she may be hesitant to ask others.


January 2021 Cohort