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Peer Leaders are the heart and soul of WoVeN! They are the force behind connecting women Veterans and guiding members through WoVeN groups. 

Bring WoVeN to your city by becoming a WoVeN peer leader!

Becoming a Peer Leader is an exciting opportunity to establish a WoVeN group in your city.  The WoVeN team is always looking for women Veterans with great leadership skills to train as Peer Leaders.  Trainings occur throughout the year. Complete an application to receive more information! Check out the Peer Leader FAQs if you have questions or contact us!

Peer Leader Training Opportunities

There are multiple paths to becoming a WoVeN Peer Leader.  We detail each path below with links to the appropriate application.  

National Peer Leader Training

National WoVeN Peer Leader Trainings provide opportunities for women Veterans with no prior WoVeN experience to become a Peer Leader and start a WoVeN group in their city. These 2-day trainings are conducted 2-3 times a year. Complete an application to be notified of the next Peer Leader National Training!

Regional Peer Leader Training

Similarly to the National Trainings, Regional WoVeN Peer Leader trainings provide opportunities for women Veterans with no prior WoVeN expereince to become a Peer Leader and start a WoVeN group. These trainings connect interested women Veterans with WoVeN Peer Trainers who provide a 1-day intensive training. These trainings take place throughout the year. Complete an application to see if there is a Regional Peer Trainer near you!

Apprentice Peer Leader Training

If you’ve already completed a WoVeN group as a group member, you can apply to be a WoVeN Apprentice. One of your former Peer Leaders will serve as your mentor while you co-facilitate a WoVeN group together! After you touch base with your Peer Leader Mentor, please complete this application!

WoVeN Peer Leader Mentors

WoVeN Mentors are Peer Leaders who have attended a National WoVeN Training, facilitated at least one WoVeN group, and would like to continue to grow their city’s WoVeN community. WoVeN Mentors train former WoVeN group members to become Peer Leaders. After you have selected to work with an Apprentice, please complete this application form!

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