Peer Leaders are the heart and soul of WoVeN! They are the force behind connecting women Veterans and guiding members through WoVeN groups.

Lead WoVeN groups in your city and online by becoming a Peer Leader!

Becoming a Peer Leader is an exciting opportunity to lead women Veterans in WoVeN groups, both in your city and online! The WoVeN team is always looking for women Veterans with great leadership skills to train as Peer Leaders. Trainings occur throughout the year. Complete an application to receive more information! Check out the Frequently Asked Questions if you have questions or contact us!

Peer Leader Training Opportunities

There are two paths to becoming a WoVeN Peer Leader.

National Peer Leader Training

National WoVeN Peer Leader Trainings provide opportunities for women Veterans to train to become WoVeN Peer Leaders with other new Peer Leaders from across the country. These 1½ day trainings are virtual trainings (no need to travel) and are offered several times a year. Complete an application to be notified of the next Peer Leader National Training.

Apprentice Peer Leader Training

If you’ve already completed a WoVeN group as a group member, you can apply to be a WoVeN Apprentice. One of your former Peer Leaders will serve as your mentor while you co-facilitate a WoVeN group together!

I am honored to be part of an amazing group of sisters knows as Women Veterans. I will take with me new friendships with the amazing Veteran Women I have met, along with some great memories… I feel I have all the right tools, attitude and co-leader to have an amazing group. We will inspire, empower and collaborate in support of the needs of our women Veterans.


WoVeN Peer Leader

Frequently Asked Questions