We know these are difficult days as our country moves through the COVID-19 crisis. Staying connected to others and keeping up with physical and mental health needs are important ways you can maintain well-being and manage stress during this time. We’ve learned from so many women in our network that there are great ways to stay connected to one another even when you aren’t able to meet face-to-face. You can stay in touch with the WoVeN community by signing up for our email list or seeing what we’re up to on our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

Online WoVeN Groups

The WoVeN Team has worked hard to increase our capacity to provide additional Online WoVeN Groups. Peer Leaders have teamed up and led almost 50 Online Groups since the beginning of March. Online WoVeN Groups have allowed women Veterans to form new connections and engage with the WoVeN content even in this time of social distancing. If you’d like to sign up for an Online Group, all you have to do is fill out this form then we’ll follow-up with announcements about joining a new group. Groups are filled on a first come, first serve basis, so be sure to submit your form soon!

Recent Online Group led by Becky & Lauren

Mental Health & Wellness Resources

The WoVeN Team has pooled some resources that you or a loved one may find useful during this time. While WoVeN doesn’t provide mental health services, there are many resources that can help you learn more about mental health symptoms or connect you with the resources that could be helpful. You can also check out a wider range of resources that we have compiled here.

Staying #wovenstrong During COVID-19

Each of our WoVeN Themes has online resources and activities that are meant to extend the WoVeN experience beyond the 8-week groups. We’ve hand-picked exercises from each theme that may be particularly useful to you during the COVID-19 crisis.



The Planning for Your Next Transition worksheet will help you outline steps you can take to accomplish your next big goal. Keeping an eye towards the future, especially during times of uncertainty, can be motivating and rewarding in the long-run!



During stressful times, it might feel harder to make time for and stay close to things that are important to you. Although, connecting with your priorities might be more important now than ever before. Check-out the Recognizing Your Priorities worksheet to reflect on areas of your life to which you would like to devote more energy.


Stress Relief

It’s so important to maintain self-care practices during difficult times. Whether you’ve had a self-care routine in place for years or if you’re not sure where to start, this Creating a Self-Care Plan worksheet will help you think through how you can improve different areas of your with self-care. You might also find the National Center for PTSD’s Mindfulness Coach app to be a helpful addition to your self-care plan.



Staying connected to others during this period of social distancing is so important! This Listening and Sharing activity can help you deepen your relationships and feelings of connectedness by walking you through how to mindfully listen to others while also sharing important information about yourself.


Healthy Living

Finding ways to stay active during social distancing can certainly be a challenge. This worksheet, Overcoming Barriers to Getting Physically Active, will help you get creative and think through ideas for staying active while social distancing. Also, sometimes stressful situations can affect sleep quality. If you’re having trouble sleeping, check out this worksheet with Tips for Improving Your Sleep.



Building your self-esteem, especially during challenging times, can help your mood and well-being and help you have more fulfilling relationships. This Self-Esteem Journal will guide you through ways you can reflect on positive aspects of your day to help you build up your self-esteem.

Spirit Lifters

Sometimes the best way to manage stress is to take some time away from the news and find creative ways to relax and feel connected with others.

The Military Sisterhood Initiative (MSI) provides a safe space for military women to connect online and encourage one another as they explore new opportunities for personal growth, purpose and fulfillment. MSI offers a great place for women Veterans to connect online, especially during social distancing!

The U.S. Army Field Band’s newest online initiative, “We Stand Ready,” is serving communities across the country by providing a virtual concert series and maintaining a connection between the American people. Check out their upcoming online programming here!

Make the Connection is an online resource designed to connect Veterans, as well as their family members, friends, and supporters with information, resources, and solutions to issues affecting their health, well-being, and everyday lives.

Each WoVeN group meeting focuses on a new theme to help group members share and reflect on many different aspects of the lives. Take our quiz to find out what WoVeN meeting you are!

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