WoVeN is Headed to Orlando!

If you follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or receive our newsletter, you might already know that WoVeN has some exciting things in the works! If you haven’t heard yet… WoVeN is holding its next Peer Leader Training in Orlando, FL on December 6-9, 2019!

Peer Leader Trainings are fun and exciting for everyone involved, but there are a few reasons why this one is particularly special:

This Peer Leader Training will be the largest WoVeN training to date, welcoming 60 women Veterans from across the country to be trained as WoVeN Peer Leaders. These newly trained Peer Leaders will then bring WoVeN groups back to their hometowns – that means WoVeN will expand by more than 30 cities! By the end of the training, WoVeN will have roots in over 70 cities, which means the supportive connections and friendships that WoVeN groups foster can reach more women Veterans.

After welcoming these 60 new Peer Leaders into the WoVeN family, the WoVeN community will have over 100 trained Peer Leaders building strong and supportive communities of women Veterans in their hometowns.

If that gets you excited and thinking about how you can be a part of WoVeN, YOU’RE INVITED!

You might ask, “How does one get to attend a Peer Leader Training?” – and the answer is simple. Let us know that you’re interested by submitting a Peer Leader Application right here on our website. WoVeN Staff will reach out to you ASAP to discuss next steps! We also want to let you know in advance that all flights and hotels are paid for by WoVeN.

Spots are filling quickly so, if you’re interested, complete the Peer Leader Application now! We hope you can join us in Orlando – we can’t wait to welcome you into the WoVeN Family!