WoVeN Announcements

WoVeN is expanding to four new cities this fall!

WoVeN is kicking off the recruitment race to choose the next four WoVeN cities! To bring WoVeN to your city follow these steps: Complete a peer leader application (and have your co-leader complete one too). Find a group location, day, and time (groups will start the week of October 15th). Gather 12-15 group members (with... Read more » Read More

Meet WoVeN Members

Meet Shurhonda Love

"I have come to know that women need each other, we need a place to talk among ourselves to others that understand the life that we have lived. Working in this space, alongside veterans and VA, I know there is a need for a program like WoVeN, and I knew a lot of women would be looking for something like this." Read More

Meet WoVeN Members

Meet Trish Ross

"In WoVeN, you will develop friends for life. That sisterhood you probably have missed since the military, you will find outside the military. There are so many women Veterans out there that you would never know." Read More

Meet WoVeN Members

Meet Caitlin Battell

"With WoVeN, everyone can be comfortable and be who they are. It’s very different than the military but that’s the thing that ties us together, that we’ve been through this experience that’s very different from the rest of the population." Read More

Interviews, WoVeN Announcements

Interview with Toni Rico

Interview with Toni Rico, Veteran NCO, U.S. Army Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN)Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN)Director of Communications and Policy Interview date: April 23, 2018 Tell us about your military background.  I shipped off to basic training in October of 2001 and went to Fort Leonard Wood. I then went to AIT (Advanced Individual... Read more » Read More

Meet WoVeN Members

Meet Leandra Hernandez

"When I heard about WoVeN, I realized there were a lot of women who felt like I had … struggling to connect. My goal now is to find other women who have felt the same way and bring them home." Read More

WoVeN Announcements

WoVeN Groups Launch in 10 Cities!

WoVeN groups have launched in 10 cities across the country: Charlotte, NC, Houston, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Dallas, TX, Ft. Worth, TX, Richmond, VA, Austin, TX, Warner Robins, GA, San Antonio, TX, and Pittsburgh, PA. With over 200 women Veterans enrolled in groups, the WoVeN sisterhood is expanding and is bigger and stronger than ever. We... Read more » Read More

WoVeN Announcements

Meet WoVeN’s New Peer Leaders!

The peer leader training retreat in New Orleans is coming up in a few short weeks. WoVeN groups will start meeting only three weeks later! At the training retreat, WoVeN’s amazing peer leaders will inspire and empower one another to build strong and lasting communities of women Veterans in their cities. These incredible peer leaders... Read more » Read More

WoVeN Announcements

Heading to New Orleans!

WoVeN is heading to New Orleans on March 1st and 2nd, 2018 for our next peer leader retreat. Our last retreat took place in St. Louis this past summer, where peer leader teams came together to join the WoVeN community. Peer leaders will be joining us in New Orleans from eight cities – check out our... Read more » Read More

WoVeN Announcements

A Busy and Exciting Month for WoVeN!

November was a busy month for WoVeN! From wrapping up groups in Charlotte, San Antonio, and Pittsburgh, to planning more groups, to attending Veterans Day events and conferences, we are so grateful that the WoVeN community keeps growing. Charlotte’s peer leaders, Cat and Tina, attended two conferences for women Veterans. Over Veterans Day weekend, they... Read more » Read More