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  • Are you a woman Veteran and an excellent leader?
  • Do you enjoy connecting with and supporting your fellow women Veterans?
  • Are you engaged in your local Veteran community or looking to become more involved?

If you answered yes to the above questions, we would love to have you join the WoVeN family as a peer leader!

We are actively recruiting women Veterans for our next National Peer Leader Training to be held in the Washington D.C. area, April 12-14. The cost for travel, hotel and meals are covered by WoVeN for all peer leaders attending the national training.

To attend the training and become a WoVeN peer leader, complete the steps below:

  1. Complete a peer leader application!
  2. Identify a co-leader and have them complete an application!
  3. Choose the time, day of the week, and location of your group with your co-leader

After you complete steps 1-3, you and your co-leader will recruit 12-15 women Veterans to join your WoVeN group! Groups members should register here. Peer leaders will confirm each group member’s enrollment by email or phone; at least 8 confirmed group members are needed to get a group started. Once you have this amount of members, please email WoVeN the list of your confirmed group members and WoVeN will book your travel to the National Peer Leader Training!

The WoVeN group program consists of 90-minute groups that run weekly for 8 weeks. These groups are facilitated by WoVeN peer leaders and are designed to build connections among group members while promoting self-discovery, personal growth, and a strong sense of community. During the groups women Veterans come together to discuss themes such as transitions, balance, connections, and stress relief. All WoVeN groups are led by women Veteran peer leaders trained by WoVeN.

It you’re not ready to become a peer leader or want to experience the group for yourself, you can enroll as a group member! We currently have groups in:

Augusta, GA, Abilene, TX, Amarillo, TX, Richmond, VA, San Angelo, TX, Phoenix, AZ, Oklahoma City, OK, Tyler, TX, Austin, TX, Ft. Worth, TX, Dallas, TX, Houston, TX, San Antonio, TX, Washington DC, San Diego, CA, Warner Robins, GA, and Charlotte, NC.