BRIDGES welcomes women transitioning out of military service to join upcoming service member retreats! Express your interest today by filling out the form linked to the “Join BRIDGES” button below! Check-out our recruitment flyer to learn more about this opportunity.

Building Re-Integration from Dreams and Goals to Execution and Success (BRIDGES) is a program providing critical support for women during their separation from military service and reintegration into civilian life – a period of time noted for its high risk for decay of mental and physical health and functioning. The program was developed directly from feedback by women Veterans enrolled in the Women Veterans Network (WoVeN), a national peer support network specifically for women Veterans.

The program starts with an 8-hour virtual retreat that provides opportunities for service members to reflect on personal strengths and skills developed during service and consider dreams and goals for life after service. Perhaps most importantly, service members identify challenges, concerns, and potential barriers for achieving those goals. Following the retreat, the participants are matched with women Veterans, who act as their Guides throughout the transition from military service to civilian life. Guides are uniquely poised to offer one-on-one support to service members through the challenging period of reintegration into civilian life. Visit the BRIDGES webpage to learn more!