Alumni Groups can be a great way to deepen your connections with your fellow WoVeN group members, or as an opportunity to form new connections with other WoVeN women! Peer Leaders can run these groups as individual meetings or as a series. Find out more about our Alumni Group topics below!

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Alumni Groups


This meeting guides the group through thinking back on their time of discharge from the military and all that the factors that went into their decision-making process related to their transition at the time.


This meeting focuses on the different types of communication, how the military contributed to group members’ current styles of communication, and how communication may look different in military and civilian contexts.


This meeting helps group members reflect on the importance of community, share experiences related to finding meaningful communities after exiting the military, and discuss how personal strengths can strengthen our communities.


This meeting asks group members to describe what courage looks like to them and consider how they have embodied courage in the face of obstacles and hardships.


This meeting focuses on group members’ experience of enlisting in the military and guides them through telling their own stories about the very beginning of their service.

Healthy Living

The goal of this meeting is for group members to discuss health topics and consider what aspects of their health they are satisfied with as well as what aspects they might like to improve.


This meeting focuses on the many ways that we understand and describe our identity and helps group members highlight the different hats they’ve worn throughout their lives.

Paying It Forward

This meeting focuses on the idea of paying it forward – it will help group members reflect on how they have given and received kindness and brainstorm ways that they can continue to pay it forward to make an impact.


This meeting provides an opportunity for group members to recall important aspects of their transition back into civilian life and reflect on obstacles they’ve overcome along the way.


This activity asks group members to consider how their life experiences and unique strengths have helped them to build resiliency over time.


During this activity, group members will discuss the importance of being empathetic and identify strategies on how to maintain empathy throughout their life.


This group activity focuses on the role of hope in group members’ lives and asks them to reflect on situations where hope may be difficult to have.


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Veteran Life Path

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