During this stressful time, so many of us are following recommendations for “social distancing” and spending lots of time in our homes, helping to keep ourselves, our families, and others safe and healthy. This social distancing is so important, but it can feel isolating. And it comes at a stressful time when it is especially important to stay connected to sources of social support. The great news is that WoVeN can help you stay connected, even without leaving your home! In October 2019 we successfully piloted WoVeN groups in an online format using Zoom videoconferencing. The pic above shows WoVeN Director and Co-Director Tara and Amy testing out Zoom with a few of our amazing WoVeN Trainers!  Since that time, WoVeN Peer Leaders have started nearly 20 online WoVeN groups across the country! 

As always, health and safety are our number one priorities.  During this time when in-person WoVeN groups are not a possibility for many in our community, you might find that joining an online WoVeN group is just what you need! Many Peer Leaders have decided to transition existing in-person groups to start meeting online instead, and new WoVeN online groups are starting up all the time. If you are interested in joining an online WoVeN group, please fill out this form

We’ve learned from so many women in our network that there are great ways to stay connected even when you can’t see each other face-to-face – things like groups texts, video calls and Facebook. You can stay in touch with the WoVeN community by joining our national community discussion boards, or by seeing what we’re up to on our Facebook page. Of course, you can also connect with us through Instagram or LinkedIn!  We can’t wait to hear from you!

From all of us here at WoVeN, stay safe, connected, and #wovenstrong!