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Remembering 9/11

As the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks against our nation on September 11th, 2001 approaches, the WoVeN team would like to pause and reflect on this day that changed all of our lives forever. On that day, our sense of safety and security was shaken in ways we had never before imagined. We remember... Read more » Read More

WoVeN Announcements

August Peer Leader Training Recap!

The WoVeN Team is thrilled to share that 16 new Peer Leaders participated in our virtual training on August 27th and 28th! Join us in welcoming to the family Quiani, Denise, Shirley, Patricia, Lorin, Peggy, Cindy, Shannon, Angela, Paula, Kristie, Pamela, Elizabeth, Althea, Corena, and Sharon! Thanks to our 9 amazing WoVeN Trainers, the training... Read more » Read More

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Withdrawal of American Troops from Afghanistan

It is with a heavy heart that I reach out today to our WoVeN Veterans, to your families, to your friends, and to your comrades. We have heard your stories and seen your frustration, deep sadness, and despair over the course of this last week as we watched the news coverage of the withdrawal of... Read more » Read More

WoVeN Announcements

WoVeN Spotlight August 2021!

The Spotlight Challenge is WoVeN’s newest feature to highlight members of our amazing community! Each month we will feature a different theme, and winners will be chosen to receive fun WoVeN prizes! The August Spotlight theme is: WoVeN loves our furry and feathery friends!Send us your favorite picture of yourself and your pet representing WoVeN.We... Read more » Read More

WoVeN Announcements

Announcing the New WoVeN Resources Pages!

WoVeN is proud to present the updated Resources section on our new and improved website! These new resources are divided into five sections: Mental Health & Healthcare, Resources for Women Veterans, Local Community Resources, Women Veteran Owned Businesses, and Contribute to Research. In the Mental Health & Healthcare section, you’ll find both VA and non-VA... Read more » Read More

WoVeN Announcements

WoVeN Spotlight June 2021!

We are thrilled to share the first WoVeN Spotlight submissions! This month’s theme is “Spotlight a WoVeN Friend.” We asked WoVeN women to think about a woman you’ve met through WoVeN and with whom you have developed a friendship. Thank you to everyone who submitted a WoVeN Spotlight – we can’t wait to share the... Read more » Read More

WoVeN Announcements

Announcing WoVeN’s May Peer Leader Training!

The WoVeN Team is excited to share that our next Peer Leader Training event will take place on May 21st (1-5pm EST) and 22nd (9am-4pm EST)! Women Veterans who complete this online training will go on to lead both online and in-person WoVeN groups and will be connected with the broader national community of WoVeN Peer Leaders! Training participants... Read more » Read More

WoVeN Announcements

BRIDGES Program Coming Soon!

BRIDGES is a mentoring model of support for women transitioning out of the military. An expansion of the WoVeN peer support network, the BRIDGES program is designed to partner women Veterans with women service members and create teams of Battle Buddies. Read More

WoVeN in the Media

Women Veterans Create Their Own Support Network

Cat Corchado (WoVeN National Consultant, Trainer, & Peer Leader speaks to WorkingNation about the growth of WoVeN and the importance of providing a community for women Veterans. WorkingNation, November 2020 Read More