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Joining Forces

Mary Pauline Lowry, for Oprah Magazine, spoke with members of the WoVeN Team about the challenges women Veterans face during their transition to civilian life.  The Oprah Magazine, November 2020 Read More

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The Notorious RBG

Why am I startled?  Why do I feel uneasy and somewhat cast adrift? Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was 87 years old. While in my head I know that no one lives forever, in my heart it seems that some people should. I recall writing the content for WoVeN’s meeting #5 – “Connections”. As... Read more » Read More

WoVeN Announcements

Meet Sharon Ozdarski from Combined Arms

Sharon is the Austin Regional Manager of Combined Arms, a one-stop resource for Veterans in transition. Sharon spoke with us about the mission of their organization, what inspired her to work with women veterans, and her advice for women transitioning from the military. Tell us about the mission of your organization. The Combined Arms mission... Read more » Read More

Meet WoVeN Members

Meet Lois Withers

"In WoVeN, you will find the sisterhood, support, love, and belonging that you have been longing for." Read More

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Join an Upcoming Online Peer Leader Training!

The WoVeN Team has been busy behind the scenes planning something special for the future Peer Leaders of WoVeN and we are so excited to share what we have been up to! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be conducting a series of Online Peer Leader Trainings! Participating in an Online Training is an excellent... Read more » Read More

Meet WoVeN Members

Meet LaVern Glosson

"WoVeN is a reminder that we are not alone. In any small town, city, state or across the nation, we are woven emotionally, and are intimately strong together." Read More

Meet WoVeN Members

Meet Lauren Friedman

"WoVeN is an experience, and it may be hard to understand the benefits of being part of a WoVeN group until you’re able to reunite with women Veterans and support each other in a way that you’ve never been supported before. Until you experience it, you don’t realize how much you were missing that." Read More

WoVeN Announcements

A Heartfelt Message from WoVeN’s Director

My heart is breaking watching the pain and suffering caused by the senseless death of Mr. Floyd. I don’t know what it is like to be a minority in this country. But I very much want all women Veterans of all races, religions, ethnicities, orientations, and creeds (WoVeN and beyond) to know how very much... Read more » Read More