Update 8/17/2022: The BRIDGES program was launched in January 2021! Find out more about BRIDGES by visiting the BRIDGES webpage or by reading our blogpost.

If you receive our newsletter, you might already know that WoVeN is launching the BRIDGES program in the coming months!

BRIDGES (Building Re-Integration from Dreams and Goals to Execution and Success) is a mentoring model of support for women transitioning out of the military. An expansion of the WoVeN peer support network, the BRIDGES program is designed to partner women Veterans with women service members and create teams of Battle Buddies. Veteran Battle Buddies are uniquely poised to offer one-on-one support to service members through the challenging period of reintegration into civilian life.

BRIDGES will include a retreat program held in the last year of service, led by exemplary and experienced WoVeN leaders to help service members 1) identify perceived challenges regarding reintegration, goals, expectations, and hopes for civilian life as well as barriers for realizing these goals, and 2) foster connections with women Veterans who have walked a similar path.

The BRIDGES curriculum will be modeled after the WoVeN group protocol, yet with content designed to meet the unique needs of women service members entering the reintegration phase of their lives.

Stay tuned for more info about BRIDGES. We can’t wait to get started!

If you’re interested in learning more about BRIDGES, send an email to BRIDGES@wovenwomenvets.org