The following are the most frequently asked questions about training to become a Peer Leader, recruiting for and running WoVeN groups, and being a member of the national network of WoVeN Peer Leaders.

Women Veterans can become peer leaders by attending a national training or a regional training. Group members who have completed a WoVeN group can also apprentice with an experienced peer leader. You can find more details here.

Priority to join a national training is given to peer leader applicants who 1. identify a co-leader, 2. recruit 6-8 group members, and 3. name a time, date and location for WoVeN groups. Check in with WoVeN staff for help in this process:!

There are many benefits of training locally! When you train with a local peer leader, you expand WoVeN to your own community and you help get WoVeN to more Veterans more quickly. National trainings are designed to reach areas of the country where WoVeN groups do not already have a presence.

WoVeN trainers are hand selected by WoVeN staff. Trainers are Peer Leaders who show a deep commitment to the WoVeN mission and contribute to its growth. Let WoVeN staff know about your WoVeN activities as a Peer Leader and any interests in becoming a WoVeN Trainer. We’d love for you to join our training team!

Group content is centered around themes like life transitions, balance, stress relief, connections, healthy living, and esteem. You can find more information on these topics here!

The WoVeN team will soon roll out new group materials! We are calling them Alumni Groups. Keep your eye out for these new materials and let us know if you have any ideas for additional themes!

Forms for requesting Peer Leader materials are available here.

We recommend that WoVeN groups are not held in homes. Local libraries, churches, businesses and offices are often willing to loan space. Contact WoVeN staff and trainers for more suggestions on locations for groups.

WoVeN is designed to meet the specific needs of women Veterans. However, there may be instances where an active duty service member transitioning out of the military, or Guard/Reservists may be appropriate for groups – contact your trainer or WoVeN staff to discuss specific details.

All monetary donations can be made directly to WoVeN by following this link. No monetary donations should be made to individual groups; however, WoVeN groups may accept donations of goods such as snacks and meals. Individual groups may apply to WoVeN if there is a need for monetary support.

The WoVeN team is currently developing an online WoVeN store where members will be able to purchase WoVeN items. In the meantime, contact Tracie Rosado ( for ways to get WoVeN swag!

The Stages of Achievement coins are earned upon completion of WoVeN milestones and in recognition of exceptional efforts to support the WoVeN mission. Examples include running multiple groups, training/mentoring new peer leaders and engaging in outreach efforts. We love to recognize the commitment and excellence of our amazing WoVeN women. Feel free to nominate a deserving WoVeN woman!


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